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Human Resource Management

TimeNow Human Resource Management Software provides a comprehensive solution for workforce management

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E-Health provides information on common illnesses and diseases and how to cure them through electronic media help from one place to another.

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Learning Management System

TimeNow e-Learning is a Paid Learning Management System, designed for enthusiast to develop their IT and business skills anytime, anywhere.

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ERP Solution

Custom built for the industries we serve, get better visibility and operate more effectively with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from TimeNow.

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Bio-Metric Integration

An unification between hardware and software, this IoT project is TimeNow Inc's innovation and the first of its kind in Bangladesh

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School Management System

Developed by TimeNow Inc, it is designed to speed up various tasks across the institution system that creates a robust platform that benefit teachers, students, parents and staff

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Accounting Management System

Industry leading software on Accounts and Finance management system for businesses of all scale. Keep track of Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Retained earnings, Balance sheet and much more.

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Hospital Management System

TimeNow Inc presents Hospital management system solution for activities inouse and external to the organization. It has all the necessary tools for Doctors, Patients, Nurse, Pharmacist, Accountant, Lab and Receptionist.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

An effecient management for busineses dedicated to growth.Our ERP solution offers comprehensive features for Manufacturing, Sales/ Purchase/Stock, Account, Income/ Expense, and much more.

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Team Collaboration Platform

Collab with your team to build and grow your dream projects. Easily manageable tasks with determined objective paths.